Leon Mudguard for R15 v3 & GSX-R150


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  • With the strength that requires the word
  • With modernity that requires the most
  • With the standard that requires the most words
  • With the design that requires the most
  • With the perfect combination that requires the most
  • With a full 1 year warranty

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GSX, R15 v3

Two leg straps that are strong Durable, not shaking. 4 mm steel front, molded with full CNC system, so you are confident of production standards, which are standard in every work. With precision and
with a plastic sheet to prevent Which invented special plastic ingredients by the team
Engineers from Leon finally get the toughness and strength of the plastic that is perfect. Molded with the injection system that makes everything Leon invented into one The only unique front cover from Leon that enhances the full style of the mudguard.
The designs are designed by Leon’s team. With unique lines That combines the color of powder code That is painted by the robot painting system that has the texture of all positions at the same thickness, an average of 100 microns, scratched, not peeling, durable, mingled with pure cappas, molded with new technology, only 0.25 mm thin, feel sporty luxury. That fits perfectly into the workpiece
With a unique anchor point like no other Stronger, more confident Can slide in and out Regardless of whether your chain is slack or taut, no need to worry anymore. With a design that allows the workpiece to support the adjustment of sliding in and out freely Make the distance between the wheels and the stabilizer fixed In every backward movement of the wheel according to actual usage conditions
By inventing the degree of water rebound in each model And testing the springing up at the driver’s position, allowing you to experience the reality of the water jump theory that Leon has experimented to reduce the rise of the water as much as possible From the design that transmits the waterproof technology from Italy Try it out for you today.
The product has been manufactured in accordance with ISO9001 and TS16949 standards.

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